I’m in love with the wonder woman collection by nOir.

A few years ago I dressed up as wonder woman for Halloween. I really love that costume.

I wished that the wonder woman collection by nOir was out back then because it would have iced my costume out perfectly.

How to put together a wonder woman costume:

I went to a stag shop and bought a red corset.

Boy short underware in navy blue. I took the underware to Bang-on and got them to bang-on stars. ( ) the underware has to be cotton, or else it won’t work.

My accessories were from party packagers. I had their PG wonder woman costume for another party. But the costume could still be completed without it.

If I were to pull that costume out again, I would buy the wonder woman ring, bracelet,  and necklace from nOir jewelry.

I wore thigh high…

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